Huomenna mennään Möllin kanssa Kakolaan. Tukka laitettiin hyvin jo tänään oikein ajan kanssa, että varmasti sitten huomenna näkee, mitä siellä vankilassa oikein tapahtuu.

Hello, my international blog friends. This is Merlin. I'm no longer feeling nauseous and grandpa came over and fixed the electrical cord so now all the Christmas lights are on again in the garden. I've been a good boy except maybe perhaps when I chewed on my mistress' favorite Jack Wolfskin slipper on Christmas Eve. Now she says she's taking me to jail for all day tomorrow. She even put my hair up in a special way so that I can see everything that happens there. But she's also packing treats, flash lights, her helmet and work vest and my orange work harness so maybe it is not a bad thing after all to spend a day in prison?